CHIMERA CASTING by Avani Parikh Dhar

‘CHIMERA’- a mythological creature that embodies three beings simultaneously…and that’s what any actor needs to do if he/she has to portray the character they are playing truthfully.

And thus, Chimera Casting. For the love of working with actors & collaborating with creative minds to create compelling content.

A global casting house with operations in USA & India and international talent network with a special focus on diversity casting. Close to 15 years of in-depth industry knowledge, casting for indie films & over 1000 commercials for well known global brands, local & international production houses & agencies.

Diversity leads to open mindedness, inclusion & equality which is important for media to continue to interest, impact & influence its viewers.

Connecting content creators in film, advertising & fashion with diverse acting & modeling talent worldwide for projects that cater to today’s hybrid audience.

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